Friday, 12 August 2011

Found my Cafe

A little while ago I decided to go on a hunt for my favourite little cafe in the centre of Edinburgh (Spending Time In Edinburgh ) AAANNNND I've found it!!!


Artisan Roast is a little, unique cafe on Broughton Street near Omni Centre in town and seems to be the only place where I can have a double shot latte without wincing from the strength ! Which I'm taking to be a good sign. I have been popping in whenever I can for about 3 years now but now I love going out of my way and out of the buzzing streets to sit and spend time with my friends there with a b-e-a-uuutiful glass...yes glass (it's SO adorable) of coffee or chilli hot chocolate for those inevitable 'Scottish' days. 

If you're at the festival take a walk down. Directions are on their website ^^ 

meow xo

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