Sunday, 7 August 2011

Georgie Porgie!

Need I say much more? 


This is another wonderful friend of mine that I have missed dearly. If i'm honest, what you see is not weird for us either...drinks had begin and memories flooded back. 

My best friend is home and she couldn't be happier..not sure I feel the same way..well, maybe. 

I think I understand where I get the random from. 

That..thing..yeah, let's go with 'thing', began as a swan / pigeon and ended up a pigeon / t-rex. The characteristics she gave it to make it look like me was a short untidy scribble for hair and an iPod lead. It's nice to know she thinks of me as a pigeon / t-rex that is glued to her gadgets and doesn't look presentable. I'm surprisingly more offended by the later.

Train journey home as the shenanigans continue on. 

p.s I didn't know shenanigans was actually a word until my mac corrected my spellings. S'alls am sayin'. 

meow xo

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