Friday, 3 December 2010

So, there's a foot of snow up against my house which is preventing me from getting out in the snow to take some pictures of the winter essentials for this frost bitten season. Looks like it might a while before it clears and I'll even melt it away with my hair dryer if I have to! 

I know this is a poor excuse to give the internet MORE snow photos but here are some from the last train journey possible from town to mine. - I do love my train pictures!

Alexandra x

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Rest of BNTM Catwalk Show

These are the rest of my particular favourites from the show (especially the last one, a fuzzy warm hoody like that would be great for a scottish winter!!)
Alexandra x

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Britains Next Top Model Catwalk

The first picture-post I have to share comes straight from the front row of Britains Next Top Model (Cycle 6) catwalk show. The show, I thought was a fabulous introduction to the world of fashion and shows, of which I would love to explore in the future! These pictures only show part of this vibrant collection - haven't found the designer yet but I'm on the hunt! - and there are other pictures still to be edited from other collections. ENJOY!
Alexandra x

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First Post!

Hey! I'm Alexandra and have been toiling with the idea of starting a photo-fashion blog for some time now but thought that I should give it a bash and see what happens (i'm learning from scratch!!)
I know that the name isn't THAT inventive but it gives me a foundation of which to post my photographs and allow you all to give me some insight into what I 'do next' with the whole blogging fanatic.
Although I am only a high school student, I wouldn't want that to deter any viewers as I know that my full dedication will be given to this blog.
This is my first post (the pictures will be on soon), wish me luck??!

Alexandra x