Thursday, 16 June 2011

Spending Time in Edinburgh

I've been hiding in and amongst the turrets and corridors of my school but now I'm patiently waiting for summer! - as I am sure you all are too! In the meantime I've been to the ECA degree show, going to the film festival and hunting down my favourite cafe' in my home city, Edinburgh.

My recommendations so far go to:

Heather Dimarco - FLOATING FEATHERS!!!
.. I think it's delicately adorable!

FASHION: After seeing the ECA fashion show in April this year, these were my favourite collections.

                           Anika Hoppel                              
 David Vallance                           

PERFORMANCE COSTUME: Seeing these collections in action created the most entertaining scenery filling the halls of ECA.

                            Claire Blake                                  

Joanna Pennycard

The degree show finishes Sunday 19th June at 5pm. If you're in Edinburgh it's something you don't want to miss. Even better, it's FREE! 

Off to see new film 'Tomboy' tonight at Edinburgh University campus and will be back with the verdict. 
Have a wonderful evening!

Alexandra xo

p.s I am yet to acquire my favourite caffe', any suggestions?

p.p.s What art is can never be defined but I believe that good art is something that provokes you into instant emotion. Just a thought :)

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