Friday, 29 July 2011


Well hello CHUMS! I have just arrived home from the most romanticised english holiday of all time.

The Scilly Isles is a remote journey back in time where everything is grown from their fields and the main form of travel is by bike or by boat. It's a place that my family has been visiting every year for the last 75 years and whilst celebrating the third generation's attendance, it was the long awaited wedding of my favourite (now)auntie and uncle which was most delightful to be a part of.

For me the day started in my bedroom with a view of lapping waves and, unfortunately, a blanket of fog that only just skimmed the top of the beach that surrounded us. I wore a salmon pink flowing dress with beige wedges and a beige linen cardigan to match. Hair refused to stay up and stay styled in the fog but none the less I attempted a discreet curling of my now bobbish hair style - in DESPERATE need of a hair cut may I just add! After the rush (of course, I am a girl after all) the groom popped round to show off his personally designed tailored suit and hand made shirt and bow tie to match, which sent my mother into a stream of tears as per her usual self. He looked wonderful.

I was on 'casual camera' duty whilst my parents mingled with the other 14 guests before and after the reception which was wonderful to catch people shoving in canapes and glugging down champagne from 11am onwards. Unfortunately, my efforts were not fully appreciated once they realised that I had caught their unattractively pulled faces to be exposed to the world of my mac!! Cute coupley pictures were of course taken as the bride looked exquisite all dolled up in the traditional white.

Onto the dinner/lunch at the Star Castle Hotel which is placed on the highest point of St Marys. My vegetarianism served me well as it was healthy and tasted meal EVER. mmmm. My dad gave his best man speech and unknown to the bride and groom I was to make a little speech of my own. Although I was petrified, I managed to spiral into praise and anecdotes of our time together and the notorious conclusion of my uncle's continual tendency to be late at all times.. always. No word of a lie. And after gifts were exchanged and thank you's given by the happy couple my brother plucked up the courage to say his bit and, I'm not one to admit defeat, especially not to him, but he was incredible. Spoke fluently and with a glass in one hand (HE DOESN'T EVEN DRINK!!) and the other in his pocket, he made us laugh and nearly made me cry out of sheer surprise and because I was SO proud of him for that. What a trouper. He wowed us all and he didn't stutter, sweat, shake or worry. He just did it. Completely unprepared and blew us all away. I'm so glad we're related!!!

No doubt I will rant about the rest of my holiday when I have the pictures ready to upload. But for now I will leave on the note that this day was the most special and meaningful one for hundreds and thousands of reasons. I'm just glad that I can share my joy with whoever may read this.

Hoping that everybody is having a beautiful summer and is creating special memories just like this one.

Alexandra xo

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  1. It all sounds so incredible! You must be so proud of your brother! xoxoxoo